Clinton’s campaign is hammering FBI director James Comey over the email probe

Thomson ReutersTop aides to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton angrily condemned FBI Director James Comey on Sunday for revealing the bureau’s probe of newly found emails related to her use of a private server, and demanded he quickly release details about the discovery. Sources familiar with the matter said on …

Did NYC FBI Agents Plant Those Emails on Weiner’s Computer Once They Gained Custody of It? The Evidence Appears to Suggest … Possibly.

Top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin has told people she is unsure how her emails could have ended up on a device she viewed as her husband’s computer, the seizure of which has reignited the Clinton email investigation, according to a person familiar with the investigation and civil litigation over …

A fright at the opera as music lover’s ashes spark terror alert

A powdery substance a man sprinkled into the orchestra pit at New York's Metropolitan Opera may have been an opera lover's ashes. The Metropolitan Opera house at New York'…

J’irai surfer sur vos tombes : ceux qui bichonnent les cimetières (mais en ligne)

No one knows what these hexagonal structures the Chinese keep building in the South China Sea are for

"China is building hangar space for 24 fighter jets and 3-4 larger military planes at each of its three largest artificial islands."

Elon Musk has finally figured out how Tesla can deal with Uber – Business Insider

Business InsiderElon Musk has finally figured out how Tesla can deal with UberBusiness InsiderIf you haven't been paying careful attention, you might have missed that Tesla has been eclipsed by Uber as the most interesting company in the world. Don't get me wrong: Tesla is still very, very …

Perspectives On Health Care On The Campaign Trail; N.C.’s Medicaid Expansion

Read entire story. Source: Kaiser Health News

Calais ‘Jungle’: France urges UK to take more children

France’s president says the UK should take in more migrant children after the Calais “Jungle” shuts.

US election: FBI’s Clinton emails move defended by Comey

The FBI’s director defends his move to make public a new inquiry into Hillary Clinton’s email use.

‘Miracle’ autism cure warning – Irish Examiner

WTVQ'Miracle' autism cure warningIrish ExaminerThe organisation responsible for licencing medicines in Ireland has again warned the public against buying a 'miracle' cure for cancer and autism, following the conviction of a man who sold the bleach product this week. The Health Product Regulatory …Autism 'Cure' Dangers: Industrial …