Canary Wharf

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One Canada Square at the centre of the Canary Wharf district.

Britain’s interest in the NFL is building – slowly

Powerful quake spares lives, but strikes at Italy’s identity

fall wonderland

Image 30366328150_1f0b3cd60f_m.jpgmamuangsuk has added a photo to the pool: Lavaux vineyards overlooking Vevey, Montreux and Chablais, Switzerland 6D & EF50/1.4 (assembled panorama) ————————————————— -A MB Photography Studio artwork- O0o-blog | instagram-o0O © Copyright | All rights reserved ————————————————— –>Just PERSONAL COMMENTS or nothing – NO GROUP ICONS please

Terroir: the rumours of its death have been greatly exaggerated

There’s a very interesting article on Jancis today, in which she reports on a recent Institute of Masters of Wine (IMW) seminar on mineralogy. It deals with some very interesting issues. In her piece, she reports on Maltman’s talk, but I think she jumps to too-hasty a conclusion about its implications. As geologist Alex Maltman explained forcefully, in a reasoned, well-illustrated talk, there can be no direct link between what is below the surface of a vineyard and the flavours found in the resulting wine. This despite the fact that soil type has long been held to be one of the fundaments of the sacred notion …

Clinton’s campaign is hammering FBI director James Comey over the email probe

Thomson ReutersTop aides to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton angrily condemned FBI Director James Comey on Sunday for revealing the bureau’s probe of newly found emails related to her use of a private server, and demanded he quickly release details about the discovery. Sources familiar with the matter said on …

Things To Do Today In London: Monday 31 October 2016

Happy Halloween!

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Confirmed: Everton v West Ham United lineups

Everton and West Ham United will face each other in the Premier League on Sunday.

No one knows what these hexagonal structures the Chinese keep building in the South China Sea are for

"China is building hangar space for 24 fighter jets and 3-4 larger military planes at each of its three largest artificial islands."