Clinton’s campaign is hammering FBI director James Comey over the email probe

Thomson ReutersTop aides to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton angrily condemned FBI Director James Comey on Sunday for revealing the bureau’s probe of newly found emails related to her use of a private server, and demanded he quickly release details about the discovery. Sources familiar with the matter said on …

A fright at the opera as music lover’s ashes spark terror alert

A powdery substance a man sprinkled into the orchestra pit at New York's Metropolitan Opera may have been an opera lover's ashes. The Metropolitan Opera house at New York'…

Perspectives On Health Care On The Campaign Trail; N.C.’s Medicaid Expansion

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Calais ‘Jungle’: France urges UK to take more children

France’s president says the UK should take in more migrant children after the Calais “Jungle” shuts.

US election: FBI’s Clinton emails move defended by Comey

The FBI’s director defends his move to make public a new inquiry into Hillary Clinton’s email use.

Majority of people want to abolish the turning back of the clocks – Evening Echo Cork

Evening Echo CorkMajority of people want to abolish the turning back of the clocksEvening Echo CorkALMOST two-thirds of Irish people want to see the practice of turning back the clocks abolished. The clocks will go back tonight, signaling the start of the dark winter nights, and marking 100 years since …

FDA Faults 12 Hospitals For Failing To Disclose Injuries, Deaths Linked To Medical Devices

Federal regulators said 12 U.S. hospitals, including well-known medical centers in Los Angeles, Boston and New York, failed to promptly report patient deaths or injuries linked to medical devices. The Food and Drug Administration publicly disclosed the violations in inspection reports this week amid growing scrutiny of its ability …

Viewpoints: Tweaks To Help Obamacare; Critical Moment For The ACA’s Marketplaces

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Overdose fears due to variation in cocaine purity – Irish Examiner

Irish ExaminerOverdose fears due to variation in cocaine purityIrish ExaminerUnsuspecting cocaine users are placing themselves at significant risk of overdose, with research showing a massive variation in the purity of the drug sold on the streets. And the cocaine is mixed with damaging adulterants, including a veterinary drug …Irish drug …

Hunger and Controlling Our Uncontrollable Eating

(CC BY-SA 2.0) by niceness/Flickr Have you ever thought about why we eat? The simple answer is because we are hungry, and the complicated answer involves various hormones. Still, there is obviously more going on than that, because a new study has come to the surprising conclusion that …