François Hollande : "trop d’immigration" et "un problème avec l’islam", ce qu’il dit en privé

President Trump Wouldn’t Have To Wait For Congress To Undo Much Of The Health Law

Republicans have been vowing for six years now to repeal the Affordable Care Act. They have voted to do so dozens of times, despite knowing any measures would be vetoed by President Barack Obama. But if elected, a President Donald Trump wouldn’t have to wait for lawmakers to once again …

Mugabe: Zimbabwe to soften controversial foreign company law

President Robert Mugabe says Zimbabwe will water down a contentious law obliging foreign companies to hand over shares to black Zimbabweans.

North Dakota pipeline protest a city unto itself

It’s a semi-permanent, sprawling gathering with a new school for dozens of children and an increasingly organized system to deliver water and meals to the hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people from tribes across North America who’ve joined the Standing Rock Sioux in their legal fight against the Dakota Access…