Gambia to withdraw from International Criminal Court – GMA News

Viewpoints: Health Care Is Important Regardless Of Party; Boosting Obamacare Competition

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State Ballot Initiatives, Policy Issues Draw Editorial Page Attention

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Hurricane Matthew: Dangerous storm closes in on Haiti

One of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes in recent years is closing in on Haiti, threatening floods and landslides with a number of people already killed.

Hillary Clinton could transform early education in the United States

After decades of mounting research into how kids succeed, Hillary Clinton is the first presidential candidate who could reshape early education in the US.

Wow. Is it just me and this reporter, or would this lengthy statement about millennials, by Clinton at a February fundraiser, make millennials…

Here’s the article, by Yahoo News’ Michael Walsh, titled “#basementdwellers — The actual words and spin on Hillary Clinton’s remarks about Bernie Sanders supporters.” Clinton should run the video clip on her campaign’s website. And I say that as a virulent Bernie supporter who remains angry recalling some of …

The Writer’s Almanac: October 2, 2016

The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor educates, entertains and inspires with brief facts and poetry related to each day's date. It celebrates the birthdays and works of poets, writers, composers, philosophers and historical figures.

Male Writer Outs Female Writer Who Wanted Anonymity

Elena Ferrante is a brilliant writer whose art rested on keeping her personal and professional lives separate. The author of the Neapolitan novels and a slew of similarly feminist-leaning books, she catalyzed Ferrante Fever, a worldwide obsession with her singular approach to storytelling. The name “Elena Ferrante” is…

What Ails The Philadelphia Orchestra Won’t Be Cured When The Musicians Come Back

“Regardless of whether this is quick, or the kind of long, damaging strike the orchestra sustained in 1996, bigger problems loom. Musicians returning to work will no more end the orchestra’s troubles than the group’s exit from bankruptcy in 2012. The salient question: Is there enough willing philanthropy in …

First Edition: September 29, 2016

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