Rosé Wine: How It’s Made |

— Learn more about wine at —This video is an in depth description of how rosé wine is made in a winery. There are (generally) two different ways to make rosé wine. I will cover each of the practices.If you’d like to learn about how white wine is made, check out this video:
If you’d like to learn about how red wine is made, check out this video:Want to learn more about what happens in the vineyard? Try these videos:
Making Wine: In the Vineyard | Anatomy of a Grapevine
Making Wine: In the Vineyard | A Year in the Vines
A Grapevine In Its Natural HabitatFind out more about Monticello Wine Company atIn 1873, a group of Charlottesville vintners blended their talents for the sake of selling beyond the local sphere. Establishing the Monticello Wine Company, they celebrated a few decades of international notoriety before Prohibition swept in and crushed their business.Nearly a century and a half later, two Charlottesville brothers resurrected the company with the same original goal: to showcase great Virginia wine made from top Virginia producers. At Monticello Wine Company, we have a passion for great quality. We source our fruit from the best growers in the area and craft wines with finesse, complexity and balance — proving that some of the best of the new is born from things of old.Drink Virginia. Cheers.

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