Our future is at stake as Theresa May delivers her Article 50 letter – Voice of the Mirror – INTELLINEWS

Now for the business-end of Brexit, when the Prime Minister today has a letter delivered starting the clock on Britain’s two-year departure from the EU.

Every credible figure acknowledges the negotiations will be fraught and the future is uncertain, yet everyone, whether they voted Remain or Leave, has an interest in Theresa May obtaining the best achievable deal.

The Leavers who won the referendum didn’t vote to lose their jobs, reduce the standard of living, destroy public services, jeopardise security and risk Britain’s place in the world.

So we demand the PM champions the interests of working Britons when she sits down to talk divorce with the leaders of 27 countries.

Historians will look back and study closely this turbulent period in our nation’s story. We want them to find a united, relieved country.

May must get this right or we won’t be the only generation to suffer. Our children’s birthright is at stake as much as our own.

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