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Forgotten Maryland Cocktails: (American Palate)

The Southside, Diamondback and the Preakness–Marylanders imbibe history in their native cocktails, from local favorites to little-known classics
Early residents favored fruit brandies and potent punches until the Civil War, when rye whiskey laid claim to local palates
During the golden age of the cocktail, grand hotels like Baltimore’s Belvedere created smooth concoctions such as the Frozen Rye, but the dry days of Prohibition interrupted the good times
Using historic recipes with modern twists from renowned mixologists, Greg and Nicole Priebe mix up one part practical guide and three parts Maryland history and top it off with a tour of the current craft cocktail and distilling scenes.

ISBN 162619856X

Gregory Priebe, Nicole Priebe

Arcadia Publishing

Rank: 84 (9)
– Amazon: 4.7 (4)
– GoodReads: 3.71 (5)

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