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Jancis Robinson offers an update on Middle Eastern wine. “Despite the proximity of the Syrian conflict, Lebanese wine producers have been mushrooming, and increasingly concerned to produce genuinely Lebanese wines rather than copies of international stereotypes… In 1990 there were just 10 wineries in Israel while today there are more than 300. And the wines have evolved…”

Tom Wark considers the faults and legality issues of AmazonWine. “Does AmazonWine need to disappear because it is unlawful? Quite possibly. With the purchase of Whole Foods, Amazon may be in violation California’s tied house laws that prohibit retailers from accepting any payment for advertising from producers.”

“What if the female energy in Tuscany, in the Maremma, in Bolgheri, in Suvereto, has said, “Enough!” ?”Alfonso Cevola detects a sea change happening in the Maremma. “It’s not about grapes. It’s not about wood. It’s not about optical sorters. It’s not about concrete eggs, or clay amphorae. It’s about the energy of a place.”

In the Washington Post, Dave McIntyre reports on how Argentina’s winemakers are moving away from the international style.

Kelli White delves into the history of American oak on SevenFifty Daily.

In Vinous, Stephen Tanzer reviews 2016 and 2015 White Burgundy.

David Stoneberg shares an update on Napa Valley’s 2017 harvest.

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